Anna’s Story

When we met Anna, she was being evicted from her apartment. With three young kids and one on the way, Anna was crushed by the reality of her 1st grader coming home to their belongings on the sidewalk.

A year prior, Anna was being air-lifted to DFW along with her family to get an emergency surgery for her infant son. The surgery would save his life, but also require a lengthy recovery. With no father in the picture, Anna worked hard to provide for her children but still couldn’t afford the apartment they lived in, once the insurance stopped paying for it.

Through a “Care” Grant, Qara paid for and her family to stay in a hotel for two weeks. We then worked with her to locate an apartment & provided two months’ rent for her to stabilize. We also provided her with a strong mentor relationship and a support group right in her town.

Anna is now working and her situation has stabilized. Her family has the support around them they need, and Anna feels much more equipped to handle the challenges her family faces. Anna is a fighter, and we believe her family will win because of it.