Hope’s Story

Dread. Shame. Shock. Fear. Were just a few emotions plaguing young Hope when she discovered she was pregnant. Only in high school, Hope was comforted with a life-altering decision; Do I keep this baby or not? Despite her family’s financial situation and her age, Hope courageously decided to seek support and community to help her embrace her pregnancy and prepare for motherhood.

When we heard about Hope we were compelled to get involved. Her courage to face her situation and take responsibility revealed incredible character traits missing from most high school kids. When we met with Hope, her emotions were still raw and her grief was overwhelming. Our team spoke life over her, reminded her who she was, and developed a plan of support and encouragement. For the first time, Hope didn’t feel alone.

Not only did she agree to enroll in a parenting class, but she also agreed to meet with a mentor weekly to help her transition as a single mom. Using a “Boost” grant, Qara committed to ease the financial burden of the child for Hope and her family, and help stabilize her situation as she finished school.

“I now believe I can be a good mommy,” she said, and although still overwhelmed, is talking all the steps to create a good life for her and her child. Hope is a #hero, and heroes like her deserve our support.