How We Serve

Grants for Education

We provide grants for both parent and child seeking to further their education. We believe in empowering driven parents to achieve success and not have to shoulder the entire burden of doing so. We believe that single-parents are heroes and should be given an opportunity to improve the quality of life for their family.

Care Grant

We provide immediate grants to cover rent and emergency expenses such as medical bills, utility bills, and other necessities. Our gifts are a hand up, not a handout. Care grants are short-term, high-impact relief that helps single-parents navigate hardships and make successful life transitions.

Boost Grant

Our Care grants assist single parents in pursuing a trade, career development or advancement. These grants cover expenses associated with skill development, personal development, and interview preparation. From clothing to beauty/hygiene, to skill development these are designed at helping candidates put their best foot forward and pioneer new beginnings for their family.

Community Connection

We aim to be a connector. Within community lies some of our greatest assets. By fostering powerful mentorship relationships and resource sharing we will empower parents to grow and succeed where they are. This may be the most powerful thing we do, facilitating relationships that will help others grow. Whether its new-parent mentorship, career or budgeting help we will help arrange relationships that bring health and improvement.