Rose’s Story

In a few short months we have encountered some stories that will break your heart. But we’ve also heard and witnessed the heart of heroic people doing all they can for their family. Such was they case with Rose.

Under a mountain of debt & missed rent payments and sustained by only a part time job, Rose was resolute in her commitment to her daughter. When faced with possible eviction and homelessness, Rose was ready to send her daughter to live with her mom in her one bedroom apartment, and put herself in a shelter.

After hearing her story, our team designed a plan of support to help. We teamed her up with a financial advisor who helped her with some basic planning/budgeting. We worked with her landlord to arrange her stay, and we paid off some pressing bills to help free up some cash flow. Rose is actively looking to earn more money & feels supported in her goals. She is also committed to being a successful mom. Despite her circumstances she is fighting, and we are honored to fight for her. Rose is a #hero. #wearcompassion