Trapped in Abuse

Jenn was in a situation many single mothers are in. Needing shelter and food, they are forced to endure terrible living conditions, in order to survive. Jenn’s  ex, the father of her child, was getting into dangerous things, and exposing both Jenn and her child to it. He was also allowing abusive people into people into the home, putting Jenn and her child at risk. First, the abuse started on Jenn, then it moved to her daughter. Jenn would attempt to leave the house with the baby after these violent episodes, but was blocked from doing so by her ex and his family. In a bold and desperate move, Jenn took the child in the middle of the night, and fled the home. Our team was taken back by her story, relieved for her as she shared details of the terror she endured. 

“I didn’t know where to go, but I knew I could no longer stay there.” Jenn was brave. She is now working and living on her own, leaning on friends to watch her daughter as she tries to provide for her family. It’s hard enough raising children, Jenn needs to do so while being the sole provider. 

Qara’s goal is to support people like Jenn, who aren’t looking for a handout, but striving to pioneer a new beginning for their children. Through a care grant, QARA provided rent assistance to Jenn for two months,  to help her plan for managing her new life. We also teamed her up with a professional to help her manage her finances and make sound decisions. Through ongoing support, we will connect her with healthy people who will invest in her, not hurt her. 
Jenn had decided to be heroic for her daughter – and she is exactly the kind of mother we want to help. Jenn and her daughter are on a path towards success, and Jenn’s determination and willingness to receive mentorship is making the difference.